6 years!!! The last year has gone by quickly and as you can see I am not working in Web design as much as I was before but I still love and support the Joomla! project as much.

Keep them coming!


I couldn't let the date pass unoticed. Happy birthday my dearest!!!

I have watched the seed be planted, witnessed your birth and followed your footsteps for 5 years. I am delighted to be a part of your life and contribute to make you grow stronger and more beautiful every year that goes by.

Happy 5th birthday Joomla!

I have had to deal with lots of host transitions lately and although moving a Joomla site from one host to another is fairly easy with an Akeeba backup ( file and Kickstart (, the most annoying thing is actually the email transition from one server to another.

I love using Joomla! for all my sites be it small or big. Joomla! allows me an ease of upgrading, expanding functionality and design like no other CMS I have used (and I have used many like WP, CMSMS, Drupal, Website Baker, Mambo, etc) hence my devotion to the project.

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